Don’t be so quick to believe just what your eyes see.

Don’t be so quick to believe just what your eyes see.

at one of the platforms A father and son are waiting for the train. to visit a castle in northern Europe

The young boy was very excited to see the train. His demeanor was as if Like he had never seen it before.

When the train comes to the platform The two were seated in a cab with a husband and wife. This husband and wife couple noticed the strange behavior of this young man.

As the train moved faster and faster, the son suddenly shouted loudly with excitement:

Dad, look at that, a tree is chasing us.

his father smiles and turned to smile at the couple who was shocked by the sound of his son shouting and making a surprised expression. Both of them felt pity for the young man. which they think This young man was a special child. Certainly has a brain disorder.

The train moved for a while. The son shouted with excitement again,

Father, look, the clouds are following us.

Seeing like this again Husband and wife couldn’t help but remain silent. So decided to whisper to his father,

Excuse me, since when did your child have this kind of mental illness? we love him so much Reminds me of our relatives who were like this before.

The father replied,

he was just today He was very excited about everything he saw.

Do you have a doctor to treat him or not? If so, we can recommend a good doctor. who used to treat our relatives couple asked

Thank you both very much. His father thanked him with a smile.

But I just brought him back from hospital treatment this morning. My son was blind before. And today is the day that he left the hospital after recovering from surgery for his eyesight.

He must have been in darkness for many years. And today was the first day he opened his eyes. met the light and see the beauty of this world

This story teaches that

Don’t be quick to decide anything. Just because we see only from our own point of view.
but look deeply complete information Understand carefully before making a decision, and most importantly, don’t judge anyone just because you’ve heard what other people have to say.