Uprooting Fear and Planting Love

As you gain the habit of recognizing how love and fear in all forms and to all degrees show themselves to you in your life, you’re building the foundation for the next step of your personal evolution. You’ll then be able to consciously choose which you wish to experience, to what degree, and when.

It may seem ridiculous that anyone would consciously choose to experience any form of fear. However, there are times when it is desirable in order to broaden one’s knowledge about fear and its effect on aspects such as one’s health or a current situation. There is much value in the knowledge to be gained when learning about fear.

Fear is not to be avoided, but is instead to be welcomed as an opportunity to learn. Avoidance of fear won’t make it go away. On the contrary, avoidance of fear only makes it grow.

An old farmer once taught me a lesson about fear and how to get rid of it. Using Tansy Ragwort, which is poisonous to grazing animals such as the horses I had at the time, as an example he said that cutting it down only makes the plant stronger. It grows back even larger – or meaner, as he put it. He said that the only way to get rid of Tansy is to pull it out by the roots.

Fear is like Tansy Ragwort in that respect. Avoiding fear is like cutting the Tansy down, which is a temporary solution at best and only results in making it stronger, or “meaner”, when it returns. The only way to make a fear go away is by pulling the entire issue up by the roots. Once you have it completely uprooted, you can examine it, revealing the learning it offers you. It then becomes a powerful tool for you to use in creating that which you desire.

Once the learning is accomplished, the next step is to welcome the love that replaces the fear, for love will always do so. When fear is released, love fills the hole that the roots of fear left when it was uprooted.

Again, the challenge is to recognize the love, just as you learned to recognize the fear. It may come in the form of compassion, forgiveness, joy, or any one of the gazillions of forms of love.

This is why it is of vital importance to learn how to recognize both love and fear. This is not always easy, so here’s one method to make it easier: make a list. Lists, mind maps, treasure maps, and other such tools serve to remind you and support you in consciously being aware of what you want to attract or manifest.

You’ll need two sheets of paper, one each for Love and for Fear. Begin with the list of fears, for two reasons – because it’s easier for us to recognize fear and because ending up with the love list is like eating your veggies first (fear) and then enjoying dessert (love) afterward. A delicious reward!

When you’ve listed as many forms of each as you can, post the lists where you’ll see them often. By your desk, for example. Add to the lists as you begin to notice more ways you recognize love and fear.

Each time you witness an example of love or sense it within yourself, stop for a moment and acknowledge it. The same goes for fear. Whenever you hear words of fear or see an act of fear coming from yourself or others, acknowledge it silently to yourself. In both cases, congratulate yourself on become more aware of how many ways you notice both love and fear in your life. As you do so, you ready yourself for the next step: transforming fear into love.